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XOI GA NUONG | on demand

XOI GA NUONG | on demand

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  • Since I’ve moved back home to New Orleans, I’ve been feeling nostalgic and revisiting dishes that I’ve missed so much while I’ve been away. One of these include Xoi Ga Nuon, which is a soy sauce roasted chicken that lays on top of a bed of sticky rice with Chinese sausage, fried shallots, and scallions tucked in between. I used to eat this at the annual Vietnamese festival in New Orleans east where Vietnamese vendors would set up their stalls with home cooked meals and specialty produce grown right in their backyards. When I eat this dish I’m instantly transported back here, and it fills up both my belly and my spirit.


    • Soy Sauce Chicken

    • Sticky Rice

    • Fried shallots

    • Scallion oil

    Technique Takeaways:

    • Roasting

    • Cooking sticky rice

    • Flavor building


    LENGTH | 90 minutes


    COST | $35 - per download



    Please note all sales are final. 

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