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What happens after I purchase a video recipe?

You will receive an email with a link to download a folder with the shopping list, recipe and video. In some cases a video link will be on the recipe document.

What are the differences in the short and long format videos?

The short format videos are edited and are meant to be watched head of making the recipe.

The long format videos are previously recorded classes and are meant to be watched while you make the recipe.

Will you sell autographed books?

Yes! I have to wait until the preorder phase is done and then I will start to sell signed copies on this website.  I hope to also come to your city for a book tour!

I want to give a class as a gift but I’m not sure which one the recipient would want to take.

No problem! There are gift cards available for increments of $35, $50, $70, or $100. Just include the name and email address for the recipient and we’ll send them a unique code for them to apply at check out for the class of their choice.  We also arrange gift cards for private classes, please message for more information.

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