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Pumpkin & Sweet potato pies | On Demand

Pumpkin & Sweet potato pies | On Demand

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  • Can every season be pumpkin pie season?  Though I have to admit, coming from Louisiana, I've always been more of a sweet potato pie fan.  Whether you are team sweet potato or team pumpkin, you might fall in love with both in this class.  These two fillings are super balanced in sweetness and spice.  


    Key take aways in this class

    • my perfect pie crust recipe
    • how to make a pumpkin pie filling
    • how to make a sweet potato pie filling
    • how to decorate a pie
    • how to acheive a flakey crust without a double bake


    LENGTH |120 minutes


    COST | $35 - per download


    *Please note that all sales are final

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