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Pecan Chess Pie + Chocolate Caramel Pies | On Demand

Pecan Chess Pie + Chocolate Caramel Pies | On Demand

SKU: NOD|Pecan&chocolatepie
  • Pecan pie is most definitely a southern delight that is usually enjoyed around Autumn.  My take on the classic does not call for corn syrup but instead cane syrup that is local to Louisiana just like pecans.  In an attempt to make this normally very sweet pie a little less sweet, I have married it with the classic Chess pie.  

    Now don't sleep on this chocolate "pie" that is really a tart.  It is an ode to the all mighty TWIX bar with a stretchy caramel center and deep dark chocolate ganache. 


    Key take aways in this class

    • my perfect pie crust recipe
    • how to make a pecan chess pie filling
    • how to make a sticky caramel
    • how to make ganache


    LENGTH | 120 minutes


    COST | $35 - per download



    *Please not that all sales are final


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