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MASA BALL SOUP | on demand

MASA BALL SOUP | on demand

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  • Inspired by the LA restaurant scene in Top Chef All Stars episode 2, I combined these dishes and flavors with a New York City staple to make Masa Ball Soup. 


    This may look and sound like a Matzo Ball Soup, but in my twist on this classic I’ve integrated all of my favorite Vietnamese flavors like lemongrass, ginger, coconut milk, and fish sauce, and traded matzah for masa to give a little South American spin.  Chef Tom Colicchio enjoyed this so much, he even took some home!



    • Chicken broth

    • Masa balls

    • Pickled mushrooms


    Technique Takeaways:

    • Flavor building

    • Making a broth

    • Pickling

    • Plating


    LENGTH | 75 minutes


    COST | $40 - per download



    Please note all sales are final. 

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