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  • There’s something so luxurious about having a long, relaxing breakfast and starting your day with a truly special meal. Since going out for brunch has become a nostalgic memory, it was time to do something special at home with my quarantine crew.


    I love a family-style  table spread where people can help themselves and assemble their perfect bite. The components of this brunch are simple: biscuits with jam and eggs. But I’ve made sure to give my own twist to all of them, and I have a feeling you’ll think this brunch is anything but average!


    I don’t mess around when it comes to biscuits.  As a trained pastry chef, I take my savory pastries just as seriously as my sweet and this Cacio e Pepe biscuit concoction is no different.  Inspired by the creamy, peppery pasta sauce, I wanted to see what it would be like to put a new spin on my classic recipe. I paired the biscuits with a sweet and salty bacon jam and my insanely satisfying creamy, garlicky, herby eggs. 



    • Cacio e Pepe Biscuits

    • Bacon Jam

    • Eggs in Cream


    Technique Takeaways:

    • Working with biscuit dough

    • Poaching

    • Caramelizing

    • Flavor building



    LENGTH | 100 minutes


    COST | $35 - per download




    Please note all sales are final. 

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