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BUN CHA HANOI "OBAMA" | on demand

Gluten free | Dairy free

BUN CHA HANOI "OBAMA" | on demand

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  • A moment that lives totally rent free in my head is when I remember that time former President Barack Obama met up with Anthony Bourdain (may he R.I.P) in Vietnam to share a meal and throw back some beers together.  As a Vietnamese American chef it filled me with so much joy to see them eating one of my favorite dishes, Bun Cha Hanoi. 


    This show stopping dish most popular in the city of Hanoi is composed of grilled thinly sliced pork belly and pork sausage patties gently floating in a dipping sauce served with rice noodles and fresh greens and herbs. Everytime I order this dish at my local Vietnamese restaurant, the server brings it to the table and presents it as "The Obama" 



    • Vietnamese sausage patties

    • Grilled pork belly

    • Dipping sauce


    Technique Takeaways:

    • Flavor building

    • Grilling

    • Plating

    • Learning how dish is traditionally eaten



    COST | $35 - per download

    LENGTH | 90 minutes




    Please note that all sales are final. 

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