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SUMMER SALADS | on demand

SUMMER SALADS | on demand

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  • One of my go-to lunches to make on the fly has become a salad with some unexpected twists that’s always filling and satisfying. In addition to the flavorful dressing, I always make sure to create a medley of textures in the ingredients I pair together.


    In this class, you’ll learn some of my other restaurant-level techniques so you can mix-and-match them to create some signature combinations of your own!



    • Tomato and stone fruit with miso vinaigrette salad

    • Charred cabbage caesar salad

    • Watermelon and crab laab salad


    Technique Takeaways:

    • Knife skills

    • Texture building

    • Flavor building


    LENGTH | 100 minutes


    COST | $35 - per download



    Please note all sales are final. 

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