10k SPOONBREAD + ETOUFFEE | on demand

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  • In my first season of Top Chef, I made a humble spoon bread with etouffee sauce that won me 10k.  This Kentucky and New Orleans mash up was a huge success and I want to show you how to make this side into a main course!  We will make a classic etouffee (not shown in photo) to go along with this fluffy spoon bread that eats like a souffle.  I was once told that my etouffee sauce was haunting because it was so good and I can't wait to share it with you!


    Techniques you will learn

    How to make grits

    How to whip and fold egg whites

    How to make spoonbread

    How to make etouffee


    COST | $ 35- per download


    LENGTH | 90-120 minutes


    LEVEL | 1.5




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